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Nov 8, 2006, Austin, TX, United States

New features in Chip PC firmware version 6.5.4:

  • Preserve NetBIOS name and IP address during upgrade: During a firmware upgrade the following client device settings are now preserved: NetBIOS name, IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway
  • Peripheral Device Support: Support for HP all-in-one USB device models: HP PSC 1315 and HP Officejet 4255
  • USB-to-6 Serial ports support: Added support for USB-to-Serial peripheral devices. Get additional serial ports by connecting a USB-to-Serial converter to the thin client's USB Ports
  • Enhanced automatic NetBIOS naming: In addition to the existing naming scripts, client devices can now be automatically assigned NetBIOS names based on random numbers or on the last N characters of the MAC address
  • High and wide screen resolution support: Support for screen resolutions of up to 1600x1200 (hardware dependent) including wide screen support. For example: 1280x768 (16:9)
  • Full dual DVI support for EX6600 models: Support for EX6600 models that have two on-board display adapters with DVI connectors
  • Limit to single session: The device can be limited to a single session (Citrix ICA or RDP), therefore preventing more than one session from being launche

New Plug-Ins Support:

  • MS Viewers: adds support for viewing common document types. The document can be located on a USB storage device (such as a Disk-On-Key) or on a network share and can be viewed directly from the thin client device. Document types supported include MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and PDF.
  • USB Synchronizer:  adds support for PDA synchronization. PDA devices running Microsoft Mobile Operating Systems can be connected to the thin client's USB port and synchronize with applications (e.g. ActiveSync) running on the Terminal Server.
  • ThinPrint .print Client: adds support for ThinPrint .print technology. This third-party plug-in makes it possible to redirect printer jobs to the ThinPrint. print Server, therefore enabling bandwidth optimization, print job management and reduction of network congestion.
  • ELO Touch Screen: adds support for ELO touch screens.

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