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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Xcalibur Global changes the Active Directory schema?
Xcalibur global is based on the structure of the organization's Active Directory. Xcalibur DB synchronizes with the Active Directory tree and all additional information and objects are added to the DB hence no changes are made in the Active directory schema. Xcalibur Global can be seen as an extension to the organization's Active Directory tree.
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What database does Xcalibur Global use?
Xcalibur Global can use SQL Server 2000 or MSDE 2000 SP 3A or 4
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How many levels of company tree do Xcalibur Global supports?
Xcalibur Global can apply policies to Domain, OUs, Devices and Users at any level. Xcalibur Global uses Xcalibur policies that are passed by inheritance from parent object to a child object making it easy to manage a single large company tree.
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What is the Xcalibur Global management communications protocol?
Xcalibur Global Uses an Independent Management Protocol that has built-in support for: SSL Encryption, Compression, Port Number Control, Bandwidth Control and more.
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What is Xcalibur Global logical management module?
Xcalibur Global logical management is derived for the Organization's AD tree making it possible to maintain a single company tree.
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Can I use Xcalibur Global to deploy client's software?
By using Xcalibur Policies administrators can centrally control all aspects of device configuration including software deployment, upgrades deployments, connection control, UI settings, Operating system parameters and more. Software deployment can also be controlled per farm, site or scope.
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Can I use Xcalibur Global to deploy user's connections?
Xcalibur Global can deploy various connection types including RDP, ICA, IE and Pericom Connections, Xcalibur Global also enables the use of PNAgent.
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Can Xcalibur Global management communication be encrypted?
Yes by using industry standard SSL encryption.
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Does Xcalibur Global support deployment of multiple servers?
XG supports deployment of multiple servers to allow Fault tolerance through Redundancy & Load Balancing
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Can I upgrade Xcalibur 3.xx to XG?
It is possible to migrate from Xcalibur 3.x.x to XG. Contact our support team to learn about our migration plan
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