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ZED PC - VMware PCoIP Zero Client

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ZED PC Spec Sheet (0.40 MB)

ZED PC - VMware PCoIP Zero Client

The ZED PC from Chip PC is the perfect Zero Client desktop for a full VMware© desktop virtualization experience, including high performance PCoIP capabilities.

Answering the demands of the most advanced end users, the ZED PC is powered by Teradici TERA2321 PCoIP® Processor, supports VMware View™ and enables high level multimedia experience of 3D graphics, video and more.

Ultimate simplicity in deployment and manageability are key factors for choosing the ZED PC. It has no OS restrictions or hardware drivers, demonstrating fast control response, superb graphic performance and applications, ultra-low power consumption and highest levels of security.

The ZED PC requires literally no anti-virus software or virus signatures and as nothing is stored locally it is highly data secure.

The ZED PC with its compact form factor offers USB and audio connectivity and advanced multi display support for 1920 x 1200 pixels resolutions.

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