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Welcome to Chip PC Training Center, through this center you can view and register on to one of Chip PC training events.
Whether you are looking for an instructor led training course, an online training course or just a short update seminar, Chip PC offers a variety of training courses to suit the needs of our partners and customers.

Our aim is to deliver high-quality training courses that will provide you with practical experience of our software and hardware, enabling you to fully and optimally implement and support Chip PC products and solution, to that end we have constructed our classes to include plenty of hands-on time as well as theoretical knowledge

Essentials Course

An intensive, two-day course introducing trainees to Chip PC solutions architecture and key concepts required to manage Chip PC Thin Client environment. Trainees will install, configure and manage a small thin-client environment in class, gaining hands-on experience.


Onsite Training
Onsite training is a pre-scheduled technical training session, the training will be held at a location defined by the customer and will be performed by a Certified Chip PC Trainer.
 Online Training Program

An introductory online training program, offering Chip PC partners and users a quick and easy access to basic knowledge and concepts about Chip PC products.

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