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Announcements for Citrix iForum Edinburgh 2006

Jul 3, 2006, Edinburgh

Chip PC continues to lead the thin-client technology market, now unveiling  Xcalibur Global 1.1 Rev 2, bringing thin-client-management to new levels of sophistication and efficiency.

In today's global market place, dynamic, flexible and secure thin client management system is essential to ensure smooth and cheap maintenance and support. Xcalibur Global answers those needs while providing fault tolerance, speed, scalability and ease of management.

Xcalibur Global is the industry's best choice for large-scale, high-end management software. With unmatched scalability and reliability, flexible yet strong security architecture, compatibility with key industry standards and operating systems, and manageability that is second to none, Xcalibur Global can meet the demands of your business.

Using Xcalibur Global you will be able to:

  • Simplify administration of your thin clients to reduce costs.
  • Manage your devices from virtually anywhere.
  • Safeguard resources with layered security.
  • Improve interoperability.
  • Leverage existing systems to create a single point of management.
  • Deliver personalized services based on the users as well as devices.
  • Deploy thousands of remote devices without user intervention.

Xcalibur Global 1.1 Rev 2 New Features:

  • Policy Application Rules (Policy Updater) - In order to ensure smooth workflow for end users while flexible for system administrators, use this farm/site setting to control when policies apply on both device and user levels (Always/on boot / Working Hours…etc).
  • Limit Client Events (client to FE Server) - Xcalibur Global is more than a management system it is also a monitoring system enable administrators to Monitor Thin Client devices in real time. All device events are sent from the device to Xcalibur FES and from there relayed to Xcalibur DB. Reduce the traffic sent from thin clients to FE Servers by limiting the type of events clients report to the server.
  • DB Event Filter (Front End Server to Database) - Reduce the traffic sent between Xcalibur FES to the Xcalibur DB by configuring the FES not to relay/report certain events to the database.
  • Dual Screen VNC shadow support - Possibility to shadow the Primary/Secondary device screen via VNC.
  • Export Deployment Files - Export the Software Repository content to a folder. This folder can be then copied (or burned on a CD) and sent to a remote location and there, an Administrator can import the data to the FE Server that is installed on that site. This feature prevents the need to replicating the software repository data to remote sites over slow WAN links.

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