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Featuring faster processors, larger DDR memory, high resolution wide display support and higher security.

Jul 3, 2006, Edinburgh

Chip PC continues to lead the thin-client technology thin clients industry to a New Generation.

Chip PC has a wide selection of thin client solutions to offer you, including the latest, market leading innovations including Jack PC and EX-NG series including Enhanced Display Support, Fiber Optic Network Interface, PDA Synchronization to list just a few innovations.

Enhanced Display-Functionality in Cost Effective CE-based Thin Clients

Need to support modern LCD displays, connect multiple displays to your thin clients and support wide-screen 16:9 displays? Chip PC offers you the only CE-based thin clients to support all these features.

DVI Video-Out Models:

Chip PC thin clients support digital video connectivity to LCD modern screens offering best-picture quality and user convenience; Analog output is also supported.

Multi-Display &Wide-Screen 16:9 Support

With the increasing demand for multiple sessions running on multiple displays, Chip PC extends its thin clients selection to support multiple displays 2 (Dual )-t o 4 (Quad).

Chip PC multi -display thin clients were designed specially to streamline video presentation on multiple displays. This is perfect for users in demanding environments requiring wide working area, such as trader's desk applications with high-end financial applications also supporting wide screens 16:9.

Chip PC thin clients with DVI Video-Out can be connected to Dual or Quad (4) displays through Y-cables to be purchased as accessories from Chip PC. Chip PC Y-cables extend 1-DVI video out to either 2-DVI screens or 1-DVI screen and 1-Analog screen.

The Only Thin Client offering PDA-Synchronization

Just connect your PDA through USB to Chip PC thin clients and smoothly synchronize data.

Chip PC Solutions with Fiber-Optic Network Connectivity

Chip PC Fiber-Optic Network Connectivity series was developed to address the needs for high-security thin desktops for defense and law-enforcement organizations requiring high-security applications that need low-emanations and secured protocols as standard. Featuring internal 10/100 Base-FX Fiber optic LAN interface, SCM smart-card reader and advanced hardware IPSec engine, this device is more secured and capable than most desktop PCs.

Chip PC PC/SC PKI Smart Card Solutions

Chip PC thin clients push towards stronger client security by offering built-in or external support of PC/SC PKI smart card reader/writer. These solutions are highly attractive for high-security markets, such as healthcare and government by requiring PKI authentication and smart card insertion on top of other security measures. To be operated with industry-leading, high-security PKI smart cards.

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