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Offering Advanced Server-Centric Smart Card Security Solutions

Mar 26, 2007, Haifa, Israel

Chip PC & NetMaker Consulting Group jointly announce the integration of NetMaker Smart Card Software Plug-In (Net iD Connector) with Chip PC’s thin client product lines to offer secured, smart card-based authentication options to thin client users.


Thin Client vendor, Chip PC, has collaborated with NetMaker Consulting Group, developer of software and solutions for smart card-based secured solutions to introduce a new solution allowing administrators to increase their IT security and reduce the number of help desk support calls.


Combining the functionalities of Chip PC’s innovative management software, Xcalibur Global, and NetMaker’s Net iD connector it is now possible for system administrator to allow only valid smart card holders to use Chip PC thin client devices.


NetMaker's software enables Smart Card Roaming/Hot Seating, enabling the User to remove the card from the client’s smart card reader, causing sessions to disconnect and sessions to be re-started from any Chip PC thin client the User performs login into via his PIN (Personal Identification Number) code.


Andreas Mossnelid from NetMaker Consulting Group AB explains: “Smart card authentication will not only give you a higher security level. The need for password administration ceases, meaning a savings of up to 40 % on all the questions at a help-desk regarding locked, forgotten or renewal of passwords.  One and the same card can be used as service identification by your own design and for current access control systems. Add the convenience of having profiles and applications to follow users from device to device. “


Aviv Soffer, Chip PC President & CEO, says: “Chip PC is happy to collaborate with industry leading NetMaker to offer smart card solutions and provide its customer with both flexibility and security. Server-Centric technology is aimed at providing high-security solutions, and NetMaker's smart card plug in is an important contribution to organizational authentication options and User's mobility .The market is  enthusiastic about this new solution and we already experience high demand for this combined solution of NetMaker Net iD Connector running on Chip PC thin clients.”


About NetMaker

NetMaker Consulting Group AB develops software and solutions for smart card-based IT-security. NetMaker provide complete software solutions and effective consulting services for a range of organizations. In collaboration with different partners, NetMaker offer simple and secure smart card-based solutions to companies who wish to replace the use of passwords logins on their networks. NetMaker and Citrix Systems, Inc. have partnered to extend smart card authentication to the Citrix® MetaFrame® Access Suite. The software product Net iD provides true PKI logon to a Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server environment by using the certificate on a smart card to log on either via web interface or directly to the MetaFrame Presentation Server. NetMaker can be reached by e-mail


About Chip PC

Chip PC is a global technology leader in the area of Server Centric solutions and mass deployment systems. Chip PC offers industry-leading, end-to-end thin client solutions featuring:

·          Control – policy-based Management Software fit for large scale environments

·          Performance - micro form-factor, powerful thin clients

·          Security -highly-secured solutions including PKI Smart Card solutions, Users authentication and much more.

Chip PC solutions cover the complete spectrum from user smart desktop access point to Active-Directory-based management software.

Chip PC offers a wide range of thin-client hardware platforms for enterprises featuring many patented technologies and is the first and only vendor to offer thin-client small enough to fit inside an existing LAN jack - Jack-PC.  

The Xcalibur Global platform developed and patented by Chip PC is the only thin-client management platform that offers full integration with Active Directory and scalability to the hundred of thousands clients scale.


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