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Chip PC Management Platform - Xcalibur Global 1.2 Demonstrates the Concept of One Platform, No Limits, including Built-in Connection Broker, Session Desk and SMS Integration

Feb 25, 2008, Cannes, France

Chip PC demonstrates the concept of One Platform No Limits in its management platform Xcalibur Global 1.2, bringing thin-client-management to new levels of sophistication and efficiency. 

Xcalibur Global 1.2 provides a single-point, end-to-end management solution that combines policy-based management with connection brokering, session shadowing and SMS integration all in a single platform.

Using Xcalibur Global you will be able to:

          Simplify administration of devices & users to reduce costs

          Manage devices & users from virtually anywhere

          Safeguard resources with layered security

          Improve interoperability

          Leverage existing systems to create a single point of management

          Deliver personalized services based on the users as well as devices

          Deploy thousands of remote devices & users without intervention

Xcalibur Global 1.2 New Features:

A. Chip PC Connection Broker:

Built in component of Chip PC management platform

Supports VMware, Microsoft & Citrix virtual solutions Chip PC Unique

Active-Directory based Virtual Machine assignment - Chip PC Unique

Virtual Machine assignment at first log-on

Provides elaborate monitoring options on Virtual Machine assignment

B. Xcalibur Global Session Desk:

Interfaces with Vmware, Citrix and Microsoft Servers for terminal session management (VDI, ICA, RDP)

Enables elaborate shadowing and monitoring options on VDI, RDP, ICA, sessions

Useful for diagnostic purposes & remote online Help Desk capabilities

C. Connectivity to Microsoft SMS Server update SMS inventory with thin client hardware and software information by extracting thin client details from the Xcalibur Global database to the SMS inventory.

About Chip PC

Chip PC drives innovation into is a global technology leader in the area of server-centric and virtualization solutions, offering industry-leading, end-to-end solutions featuring:

          Control policy-based Management Software fit for large scale environments

          Performance - micro form-factor, powerful thin clients

          Security -highly-secured solutions including PKI Smart Card solutions, Users authentication and much more.

          Green world leading technology in green computing lowest power consumption in the desktop computing and thin client market

Chip PC solutions cover the complete spectrum from user smart access point to Active-Directory-based management software.

Chip PC offers a wide range of thin-client hardware platforms for enterprises featuring many patented technologies and is the first and only vendor to offer thin-client small enough to fit inside an existing LAN jack - Jack-PC.  

The Xcalibur Global platform developed and patented by Chip PC is the only thin-client management platform that offers full integration with Active Directory and scalability to the hundred of thousands clients scale.


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