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Chip PC Technologies will be introducing its new class of Desktop Appliances, specifically designed for the Citrix XenDesktop™ desktop delivery solution

May 14, 2008, Dallas, TX

DALLAS,TX, - 5/14/2008 - Chip PC Technologies, a leader in desktop replacement and thin computing, today announced that it will be introducing its new class of Desktop Appliances, specifically designed for the Citrix XenDesktop™ desktop delivery solution. The combination of the two provides for the most comprehensive solution in the desktop delivery requirements for the Enterprise marketplace.


Chip PC’s Plug PC will be the flagship product in the series. The Plug PC will draw as low as 3.5 watts of power at maximum load and feature on-board multimedia acceleration establishing the Plug PC as the logical replacement strategy to traditional fat PC’s.


“Our objective from the start is centered on ease-of-use and a seamless integration into desktop virtualization environments,” said Jim Crocco, General Manager of Chip PC.


Chip PC implementation is simple, efficient and scalable.  “Another key driver for us is the belief that the virtual desktop must go beyond the familiar desktop experience to the superior,” added Crocco.


Leveraging years of experience, Chip PC continues to integrate its core strategy of providing state-of-the-art cold technology into its revolutionary products.  Featuring Chip PC’s new Thin OS and onboard multimedia acceleration, we are driving changes in the desktop continuum, while setting new standards for Desktop Virtualization, featuring rapid boot, domain authentication in a Thin OS, and a truly rich multimedia experience.


“Chip PC’s participation in the Citrix Ready Desktop Appliance partner program has enabled them to develop a new line-up of desktop appliances that are optimized for XenDesktop, and offer a powerful mix of seamless integration, green technology and multimedia performance,” said Sumit Dhawan, senior director of product marketing, Desktop Delivery Group, Citrix Systems. “With the integration of Chip PC’s desktop appliances and XenDesktop, we can deliver a superior user experience that looks and performs just like a traditional PC.”


The benefits for IT organizations will be simplicity in deployment and maintenance, with the added benefit of the lowest power consumption desktop appliances in any class. The collaboration with Citrix further widens Chip PC’s status in the desktop virtualization market by leveraging Citrix XenDesktop to deliver an end-to-end desktop virtualization solution.


The new Plug PC appliance will be offered at especially attractive pricing from Chip PC strategic partners and will be available late in the third quarter.  Existing Chip PC Appliances that support XenDesktop are available today with MSRP prices starting at $249.00.



About the Company

Driving innovation into reality, Chip PC develops and manufactures advanced thin computing solutions at the forefront of server-centric and virtualization technologies including centralized management, top security and miniature green-technology desktop devices. Chip PC and its network of value-added partners combine to deliver the most secure, scalable and performance-rich solutions in the thin computing marketplace. Chip PC partners with industry leaders Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and others to achieve this objective. Chip PC is headquartered in Israel, with offices worldwide.



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