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Chip PC Technologies Announces Graphay India Authorized Channel Partner for Chip PC Technologies

Oct 15, 2009, Tirat Carmel, Israel

Chip PC today announced that Graphay India, an enterprise solution provider for virtualization technologies, has been appointed to distribute its server-centric and virtualization solutions including thin client access devices and advanced management software in India.  Graphay India will be offering Chip PC Technologies’ advanced thin client and desktop virtualization solutions and will provide support targeting the growing market for virtual and centralized computing. 


Virtualization and server-centric models are transforming the IT landscape by greatly improving the efficiency and agility of IT operations, while dramatically reducing cost.  The proven benefits of this approach are fuelling increased demand for thin client and centralized computing solutions, such as desktop virtualization, bringing new opportunities in this growing market.


These server-based computing thin clients are orchestrated by ChipPC's Xcalibur Global management software. Xcalibur Global integrates with existing Active Directory environments and offers fine-grained management that can control access based on individuals, devices and down to specific ports on the devices.


“With a carefully-selected portfolio of specialist, industry-leading products and services Graphay India is well attuned to the current market demands for server-centric computing”, said Ronit Pasternak, Marketing Director, Chip PC.  “Graphay India's understanding of centralized computing together with their end-user support services and technology expertise make it a natural fit for Chip PC Technologies.”


Under the partnership, Graphay India will support and deliver Chip PC’s range of solutions from smart access devices to Active Directory-based management software. Chip PC’s thin client hardware platforms for enterprises feature many patented technologies and industry firsts;

– Chip PC is the first and only vendor to offer a thin-client small enough to fit inside an existing LAN jack - the Jack-PC.

– Chip PC miniature thin clients, featuring Plug PC and Xtreme PC; offer the lowest power consumption of any desktop device (3W). 

– Chip PC’s Xcalibur Global platform is the only thin-client management platform that offers full integration with Active Directory and scalability to hundreds of thousands of clients.


“ChipPC offers the most comprehensive, integrated, secure, and scalable, thin client technology in the market. The Xcalibur Global management platform provides the visibility, maintainability, and contorl required by our enterprise customers. ChipPC’s products are a perfect complement to Graphay India’s commitment to virtualization and Green IT”, said Ashish Majmundar, Chief Executive Officer, Graphay.


About Chip PC

Chip PC is a global technology leader in the area of server-centric and virtualisation solutions.  It offers industry-leading, end-to-end solutions that help organizations of all sizes improve the control, performance and security of their information access systems.  The company’s thin client access devices enable organizations to adopt greener computing practices by reducing desktop power consumption.  Additional information about Chip PC can be found at


About Graphay

Graphay India is a leading Enterprise IT Solutions Provider for end-to-end architecture design and deployment, specializing in desktop and data center virtualization.  It offers best-in-class products from its global technology partners. The company helps organizations build real-time, scalable, on-demand IT infrastructure that responds to changing business needs and helps reduce IT cost by efficient use of energy efficient compute appliances. Additional information about Graphay can be found on at


Editorial Contact for Graphay:

Mr. Jim MacPhee

Tel: +1 (864) 293-5279


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Editorial Contact for Chip PC:

Ms. Ronit Pasternak

Tel: +972-4-8501-121;


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