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Chip PC® Technologies Introduces Groundbreaking "Cross OS Upgrade" for its Win CE/Linux Thin Clients Maximizing Systems Flexibility and Efficiency. Chip PC new thin clients feature strong performance, Citrix® HDX Support and Cross OS Upgrade option backed by Active Directory-based management and tight security

Feb 2, 2010, Haifa, Israel

Chip PC Technologies, a global technology leader in thin client and virtual desktop solutions, today announced the release of a new 2xxx series of Win CE 6.0 thin clients. Chip PC new 2xxx thin clients, which cover the miniature Plug PC, the Desktop form factor Xtreme PC, and the network-integrated, PoE Jack PC support a groundbreaking concept of Cross OS Upgrade. Cross OS Upgrade means that these platforms support interchangeable Windows® CE and Linux-based Operating Systems.

The goals of the new Chip PC series with Cross OS Upgrade support are to simplify purchase, reduce costs and provide customers with utmost flexibility on the fly for accessing any server-based/virtualized/cloud infrastructure side by side with strong performance devices supporting latest Citrix® HDX features. The result is fully managed, small foot print, low power and high-performance devices. The novelty of the Cross OS Upgrade concept is to have the same advanced hardware to support various operating systems; thus a customer is able to change his thin client local firmware at any time, side by side with the organization's changing IT needs.

The 2xxx Linux devices support powerful multimedia with Chip PC video redirection (ICA/RDP), flexible 3rd party application integration and Citrix® HDX Plug-n-Play (USB redirection). The HDX Plug-n-Play offers simple access to peripherals and other local resources (USB, multi-monitor, printers, and more) in a virtual application environment as well as local device resources.

The 2xxx Win® CE devices have a small OS footprint (less than 25 MB), Microsoft Native RDP 6.0 and support Citrix® HDX MediaStream (multimedia redirection).  HDX MediaStream leverages the processing power of the device to render the multimedia content sending the compressed multimedia information directly to the device in its native format.

Both Win CE and Linux 2xxx platforms are fully managed via Policy-based Xcalibur Global management suite.

"Once again Chip PC demonstrates its vision for flexibility and customization to fit changing customer needs” said Zohar Vered, VP Professional Services Group for Chip PC Technologies.  “We aim at providing the ultimate desktop solutions for virtual, server-based and cloud computing environments, offering unparalleled performance, manageability and security. Now we can offer top of breed thin client technology that can be changed on the fly to support different operating systems and to work seamlessly in any environment.”

The new 2xxx devices are available for orders as of today, January 25th, 2010.
Linux-based 2xxx devices previously purchased support an upgrade to Windows CE 6.0 pending purchase of the relevant Microsoft license/label.  

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Chip PC Technologies drives innovation into reality as a global technology leader in virtual desktop and thin client technology. Chip PC focuses on delivering innovative desktop solutions covering the complete spectrum from smart user desktop devices to Active-Directory-based management software.  


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