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Chip PC Thin Clients Go Wireless!

May 11, 2006, Austin , TX

Another advanced functionality is now available for Chip PC leading thin client solution, providing wireless connectivity! Just connect to any Citrix application Server, Windows 2003 Server, Terminal Emulation Legacy Server or any other environment with out the need of Ethernet wiring.

Chip PC USB Wireless LAN adapter is the perfect solution to enable fast, reliable high-speed wireless connectivity resulting in greatest productivity, efficiency and mobility.

Latest wireless chip technology incorporated into Chip PC USB WLAN adapter provides for incredibly fast data transfer together with highly secured WiFi Protected Access (WPA).

With Chip PC USB Wireless LAN adapter you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fast product deployment
  • Independence from Ethernet wiring
  • Organizational mobility
  • Highest security
  • Rapid data transfer

Wireless connectivity is an important complementary addition to Chip PC advanced thin client solution offering industry leading Xtreme PC & Jack PC thin clients accompanied by Xcalibur Global management software.

About Chip PC
Chip PC is an innovative developer and manufacturer of "Post-PC" solutions focused on enabling server-based-computing technologies to replace traditional PCs and to deploy and control large numbers of workstations.
The company develops sells and licenses complete server-based-computing solutions, including:

  • Control - advanced Xcalibur XP & Global management software systems
  • Performance - micro form-factor, powerful thin client computing devices
  • Security - highly-secured solutions: robust modular image, Smart Card PKI user authentication, VPN server connections and much more.

Chip PC is the largest supplier of thin clients for global & military organizations, recently winning 1st place worldwide in an independent Thin-Clients-Evaluation among 26 thin clients from 9 vendors.

Among Chip PC customers are top organizations worldwide from various verticals, such as Healthcare, Finance, Defense, Government, Education and more

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