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Chip PC Technologies Introduces Citrix HDX LXD Thin Clients with High Security Flavor: Supporting Fiber-optic Networks, Integrated PKI Smartcard and Wi-Fi. At Citrix Synergy 2013 Chip PC Technologies will be demonstrating its expanded portfolio of the Citrix HDX certified LXD product line.

May 22, 2013, Texas, USA

Chip PC Technologies today announced its high-performance expanded portfolio of the LXD thin clients built for Citrix deployments and certified for Citrix HDX offering rich multimedia in its ultra-green platform consuming less than 5 watts of power in typical usage.


The LXD line of products is now expanded with a special emphasis on client security.

The revolutionary SFP-Enabled LXD thin clients provide the flexibility and modularity to connect Chip PC Technologies' high-end, powerful thin clients to any network infrastructure available, including Fiber Optic and Copper networks.

The SFP-Enabled LXD thin clients were specifically developed to address the needs for high-security thin desktops for finance, government, defence and law-enforcement organizations for applications that require low-emanations and secured protocols as

Featuring support for 100Base/1000Base SFP modules, the SFP-enabled LXD smoothly operates with either Fiber-optic or CAT5 LAN copper networks and is more secured and capable than most desktop PCs.

Another high security expansion of the LXD portfolio includes an LXD with integrated Smart Card requiring physical smart card insertion and PKI authentication in front of the server to enable user login.


Thus, the high performance LXD is now offering additional market-unique features to its winning combination of green platform with very low power consumption, state of the art high-reliability hardware design and unparalleled management software, and as such position it as the ultimate choice for enterprise users.


"We are introducing real innovation to the market with our unique security-driven solutions," says David Freidenberg, CEO of Chip PC Technologies. "In addition to the super high HDX capabilities we have now added another later of physical security unique to our market of relatively low cost devices with SFP and integrated Smart Card support. To add additional flexibility we are also offering a Wi-Fi supported version of the LXD that can come with or without an integrated Smart Card reader."


The LXD SFP enabled products are available through Chip PC selected network of channels and the integrated Smart Card and Wi-Fi models will be available in the near quarter.
Product and pricing information is available via Chip PC selected channels and directly from Chip PC Technologies.


More information about Chip PC thin clients can be found at:


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Chip PC Technologies drives innovation into reality as a global technology leader in virtual desktop and thin client technology. Chip PC focuses on delivering innovative desktop solutions covering the complete spectrum from smart user desktop devices to Active-Directory-based management software. 



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