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Support for your EX PC (XPD OS)

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DP124N-1.0 - Xcalibur Global XPClient - Release notes
  This guide explain how to configure XP Client on WES 2009 and WES 7 Chip PC devices, including automatic discovery like DNS and DHCP options.
Quick guide for Operating the Restore CD for EX PC

This file is a quick guide for operating the Restore CD function for EX PC devices.

This guide is for the following versions:
- WES 2009 - 02.102.08 and above.
- WES 7 010203 and above.

The Restore CD is ready and packed in ISO file format and can be burned with CD
Burning tools. Please follow the instruction to restore your Device Operating system to
"Factory Default".

Stages for Preparing an EX PC Image as a Golden Image.pdf

This file is a quick guide for preparing an Image as a Golden Image for EX PC devices.


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