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Jack PC EFI-6800 Evaluation Kit

How To Buy

All you need to evaluate Chip PC complete thin client solutions, conveniently packed and attractively priced!


Including Jack PC EFI device, Xcalibur Global management software, accessories and tools for Installation and troubleshooting.


Thin Client

  • Jack PC EFI-6800 Thin client (LAN-Integrated, PoE, Advanced, VGA video)


  • Xcalibur Global Evaluation DVD to emulate the full SBC environment
  • Xcalibur Global Client License for FREE


  • External power supply
  • Power-over-Ethernt Tester and Midspan Injector (Single Port for Evaluation)

 Installation Tools

  • 2 Krone IDC Termination Kits for new LAN installation
  • 2 RJ-45 Termination Kits for existing LAN installation
  • 2 RJ-45 to RJ-45 couplers (Female-to-Female)
  • 2 Short LAN Jumper Cables (2 RJ-45)
  • 2 Jack PC Housings
  • 2 Extraction Tools
  • IDC Krone Punch-Down Tool for wiring
  • External Installation Box


  • USB to 2 PS/2 ports adapter


  • Technical Documentation
  • Marketing Materials
  • High Quality Carry Bag

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