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Jack PC EFI7900 Specification Sheet (0.73 MB)
The Jack PC EFI 7900 is a versatile, feature-rich thin client computer fully integrated into an existing LAN Jack . Supported by the industry-leading Xcalibur Global Management software, it is the most secure, modular, and manageable Thin-Client solution offering connection to any type of popular Terminal, Citrix or Legacy servers, and Vmware VDI.
The EFI 7900 is the highest performance device of the Jack PC series, combining strong performance with highest security and lowest power consumption achieved by the uniquely designed state of the art hardware built especially for thin client appliances. It is the perfect workstation for users that require high-end functionality.
Owning a DVI-I Video-Out supporting either Analog or DVI monitor, it also provides support for Dual Display.
With its great performance, high security and easy deployment and management, the EFI 7900 is the thin-client-of-choice for organizations all over the world.
  • High End Jack PC, DVI-I video, Dual monitor support
  • Patented “Computer in a Jack” architecture offering  Full physical protection from damage & theft
  • Installable in wall, furniture and floor
  • Powered by standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE); can also be powered by externally
  • Patented RISC-based hardware architecture
  • Separate 8 MB video memory dedicated to video performance       
  • Latest RDP, ICA and VDI support
  • Fully Customizable Desktop interface           
  • Fully modular operating system and Plug-Ins to fit user needs
  • Plug-and–play connectivity – fast, easy installation and deployment
  • Data Security and integrity
  • 100% Virus / Trojan Immunity            
  • Very Low Power Consumption (5W max)     
  • Xcalibur Global management software scalable to manage hundreds of thousands of Users and devices via a standard Active Directory interface

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