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Xtreme PC is the smartest and smallest thin client on the market today optimized for Server-Based Computing under Windows TS, CITRIX or VMware VDI. The combination of very low power consumption, state of the art hardware design and unparalleled management software makes the Xtreme PC the thin client of choice for enterprises and organizations around the world.
The NG 6450 is the highest performance device of the Xtreme PC NG series, combining strong performance with highest security and lowest power consumption.
Performance is achieved by the uniquely designed state of the art hardware built especially for thin client appliances.
It is the perfect workstation for users that require high-end functionality.
  • Powerful USB/Legacy Thin Client: with multi-session-support and modular plug-ins software
  • Patented RISC-based hardware architecture
  • Separate 8 MB video memory dedicated to video performance       
  • Resolutions supported up to 1600x1200 px @ 64K (16 bit) colors 
  • Wide Screen 16:9 Support    
  • Latest RDP, ICA and VDI support
  • Fully Customizable Desktop interface           
  • Fully modular operating system and Plug-Ins to fit user needs
  • Plug-and–play connectivity – fast, easy installation and deployment
  • Data Security and integrity
  • 100% Virus / Trojan Immunity            
  • Very Low Power Consumption (5W max)     
  • Xcalibur Global management software scalable to manage hundreds of thousands of Users and devices via a standard Active Directory interface


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