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Plugins are software components that can be installed into your Chip PC Thin Client and give it extra functions and versatility.

In a constantly changing IT environment, where yesterday news is old news, Chip PC has developed the Plug-ins concept Plug-ins for Xtreme PC are the tools that will help you protect the value of your investment.

By following a simple and safe process, you will be able to:

  • Upgrade your thin client device with the latest technology offered
  • Create a thin client solution customized to fit your needs with a nearly-endless sets of Plug-ins
  • Manage Plug-ins distribution and deployment remotely & easily by using our Xcalibur Management Suite

In order to address specific customer needs, Chip PC offers the integration of customized in-house and third party software Plug-ins to Chip PC thin clients. The Plug-ins are either preinstalled on device or added on the run according to customer changing needs.

If you wish to evaluate Chip PC management and plug ins software,
click here to get  a free package of Chip PC software evaluation licenses now!


To download Plug Ins, please Click Here:


Benefits of Plugins
  • Longest product life cycle
  • A wide set of software modules
  • Easy & safe deployment: including bandwidth limit control on upgrade process; no risk of loosing the device by installing the wrong application for device model.
  • Work Continuity: efficient, remote deployment even during working hours enabling work continuity
  • Modularity & customization: install only what you need
  • Simple installation with a single XPI file and in one click, no need to worry about DLLs and disk clean-up
  • Quick distribution in seconds for hundreds of devices
  • Resource Optimization - Thin clients are limited in resources. To assure reliable and stable use of device, it is crucial to limit the amount of Plug-in resources allocated to each application. Chip PC's XPIs contain patented resource limiting features that prevent unstable operation.


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