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All Marketing Resources Download Size
Turn PC into a TC in a Click  1.02 Mb
Innovative Desktop Solutions for Server Based Computing  5.83 Mb
Comapny Presentation  5.83 Mb
Chip PC Presentation  5.83 Mb
Success Stories  815 Kb
Company Profile  1.67 Mb
Models Comparison  159 Kb
Products Overview  846 Kb
Xcalibur Global - Management Software  3.26 Mb
Plug PC Flyer  495 Kb
Healthcare - Let Chip PC take care of it  649 Kb
Flexible Desktop Virtualization Solutions  377 Kb
Chip PC Solutions  233 Kb
The Meat Hygiene Service Success Story  55 Kb
Lakeland_College Success Story  371 Kb
Chip PC Solutions Chosen for VMworld09 Labs  608 Kb
Xcalibur Global 1.2 Brochure  3.26 Mb
Company Brochure  1.28 Mb
Comparison Chart of all Chip PC Thin Client Models  642 Kb
Complete Thin Client Solution Brochure  1.78 Mb
Brief Xcalibur Global Slide Show  2.01 Mb
Xtreme PC Marketing Brochure  1.94 Mb
Jack PC Marketing Brochure  2.51 Mb
Financial Statements - Key Data 2006-2007  24 Kb
Xcalibur Global 1.2 Brochure  795 Kb
Chip PC Complete Thin Client Solution  2.18 Mb
Online Training Syllabus  82 Kb
Introduction to XG.pps  291 Kb
Power over LAN  635 Kb
Xcalibur Global Presentation  36.93 Mb
Installing IP Telephony Network With PoE  273 Kb
Xcalibur Global Brochure  2.69 Mb
Xtreme NG Brochure  1.64 Mb
Quick Reference for Chip PC Products  1.22 Mb
Model Comparison  1.54 Mb
Jack PC LAN-Integrated PoE Thin Clients  1.07 Mb
Introduction to Xcalibur Global - GUI  26.43 Mb
Xcalibur Global Introduction - Presentation Movie  20.40 Mb
Information Kit (PDF Document Only)  1.96 Mb
Information Kit (Full Kit)  38.71 Mb
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