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Standalone Packages

Firmware Upgrades:

Upgrades to Thinx Linux-based Devices

Updates are done by unziping upgrade files on the root of USB Key, to enabling USB Key in the local settings, and to go in Menu -> Settings -> Upgrade, and selecting /media/usb0

  • Upgrade 2xxx to 1.1.4 b.121403
  • Upgrade 8xxx to 2.0.2 b.122102 

    Upgrades to Windows CE-based Devices

    Using the Chip PC installer, extract a package to a location available for the client on a Network share or FTP.

    Upgrades to Firmware 7.0.4 (CE6.0 R2):

  • Upgrade 2xxx (CE6.0) to 7.0.4


    Upgrades to Firmware 7.0.2 (CE6.0 R2):

  • Upgrade 7xxx (CE6.0) to ver 7.0.2 (CE6.0)
  • Upgrade 64xx/65xx/66xx/68xx/69xx (CE6.0/CE4.2) to ver 7.0.2 (CE6.0)


    Upgrades to Firmware 6.5.x (CE4.2):

  • Upgrade 6xxx (CE4.2) to ver 6.5.x (CE4.2)  


     Cross OS Upgrade

  • Cross OS upgrade 2xxx from 7.0.3/7.0.4 (CE6.0 R2) to 1.1.3 (Thinx Linux-based)


    Plug Ins:


    Plug-in is a compact client-side application that can be installed on Chip PC Thin-Clients in order to enhance its functionality.


    Plugins for ThinX Linux-based Firmware 2.0.2:


    Name Version Size Description  HW Support
    Citrix Client 12.02.01 3.2 MB Citrix Receiver Client 12.2.4 with full HDX Support 8xxx
    VMware View Client 1.70.00 7.4 MB VMware View Client 1.7 with PCoIP Support 8xxx
    RDP Client 1.70.11 0.2 MB RDP Client compatible with RDP 6 (rdesktop 1.7 based) 8xxx
    Firefox Browser 16.00.03 26.0 MB Firefox Web Browser 16.0 8xxx
    FreeRDP Client 1.00.05 0.6 MB RDP Client compatible with RDP 7 (FreeRDP 1.0.2 based) 8xxx
    Customized System Screen 5.20.14 0.2 MB Logo / bootscreen customization - CSS License needed 8xxx
    PDF Viewer  1.00.03 4.1 MB Local PDF Viewer 8xxx
    Chrome Browser 10.06.48 28.0 MB Chrome Web Browser 10.06 8xxx
    Media Player 1.00.03  0.9 MB Local Media Player with hardware Acceleration (up to 1080p) 8xxx















    Plugins for ThinX Linux-based Firmware 1.1.3:


  • Plugins for Thinx Linux-based Firmware 1.1.3


    WinCE  Older Plugins Versions:

    Plugins for CE 6.0 & CE 4.2 

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