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How-To Restore a Thin-Client Device to factory default
This document explains how to perform both software and hardware restore to factory default on a device with image 6.5.x. Objectives ...
Apr 12, 2007 -

How the Citrix Web Interface Works
Objectives   The following document describes a typical interaction between server farms, a server running the Web Interface, a...
Mar 8, 2007 -

Reset a Jack PC device to Factory Defaults in image 6.5.x
Objectives This document explains how to restore a Jack PC device to factory default in image 6.5.x and how to boot into safe mode. ...
Mar 8, 2007 -

How to Locally Upgrade a Device Firmware
Objectives: This document describes the procedure for upgrading Chip PC Device Firmware, for environments without Xcalibur Global Management...
Mar 27, 2007 -

Reset an EX device to factory default in image 6.5.x - software and hardware
Mar 8, 2007 -

The Difference between Microsoft RDP & Citrix ICA
Objectives The following table provides an overview of the features available with each of the ICA & RDP protocols. ...
Mar 8, 2007 -

Locate MAC Address/Serial No
Objectives The following document provides guidance as to where to find Serial no./MAC Address thin client information required for RMA/Warr...
Mar 8, 2007 -

IE 6 Differences between Windows & Windows CE
Objectives The following tables summarize and compare the features of Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows CE, and the standard Internet Explo...
Mar 9, 2008 -

How to Use Hot Keys and Key Mapping on the Client Device
Objectives This document teaches how to access and use hot keys and key mapping options on the client device. These features are configurabl...
Mar 8, 2007 -

Xtreme PC Compatibility with Different Video Standards
Objectives This document covers the different monitor interfaces existing and the compatibility with Chip PC EX thin-client products. ...
Mar 8, 2007 -

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